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• Whilst every care is taken in the treatment of each animal and in the maintenance of equipment and water, Hydrotherapy carries its own risks and contraindications, therefore all animals receiving hydrotherapy do so at entirely at their owner`s risk. K9 Hydrofit cannot accept responsibility for ANY injury or illness that occurs to either owners or animals.
• K9 Hydrofit Cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property whilst on the premises including the carpark.
• All Sessions Must be paid for in full on the day of treatment.
• All clients must have a consent form completed by their vet prior to their first treatment.
• Bitches in season should not attend hydrotherapy unless in extenuating circumstances.
• It is the Owner`s responsibility to inform K9 Hydrofit of any changes/ worsening of their animals condition/injury or if their vet advises that treatment must be suspended. If you are unsure if your animal should attend a session e.g. due to illness please contact K9 Hydrofit as soon as possible.
• K9 Hydrofit has the right to refuse to treat any animal at any time and to end a session early if they feel it is necessary.

• It is the owners responsibility to make sure that their dog is in a clean condition prior to treatment. Dogs that arrive very dirty/muddy will need to be thoroughly washed prior to treatment, this will impact treatment time and may also incur an extra charge to cover cleaning and extra chemicals used in the pool to keep sanitised.
• Owners are requested to not feed their animal for at least TWO hours prior to a session. A £10 surcharge will be made if an animal defecates in the pool. If the pool is heavily soiled and requires pool closure to empty then the owner will be charged £150 to cover some of the costs for loss of business due to cancelling appointments, cleaning, filling, reheating of the pool and sanitisation.
• Owner`s must ensure that their animals have been given enough opportunity to toilet before arriving
• Owner`s must have their animals under control at all times i.e. Dogs must be kept on leads, Cats in carriers.
• Owners must make sure that they clean up after their dog if they defecate/ urinate on the premises or surrounding areas.
• Cancellation policy
Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment. Less than 24 hours will incur a 50%
On the day Cancellations, no shows and late arrivals will be charged the full fee.
Revised 15th January 2024

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