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What Is Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy - Greek for water healing.

Hydrotherapy is a zero or low impact exercise.                                          

Water has many properties that can aid healing,

  • The hydrostatic pressure can help reduce swelling and inflammation by improving circulation of oxygenated blood and lymph, removing the toxins back towards the heart to be remove as waste from the body. Therefore will reduce pain and discomfort.
  •  The warmth of the water helps the muscles relax making it easier to move the joints and limbs more freely, increasing range of movement and flexibility. 
  • The buoyancy of the water will support the whole body making it a zero impact exercise so it is comfortable for sore and painful joints.
  •  Viscosity of the water makes it a more intense exercise than moving through air. 
  • The movement will create turbulence and resistance to aid restoration of muscle and strength. Improving fitness, mobility and general well being of your pet.

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